LA River Revitalization

The Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation is a semi-private nonprofit venture affiliated with the City of Los Angeles. It is charged with catalyzing responsible real estate and related economic development along the LA River.

The LA River Corp’s mission is to transform the river to improve people’s lives by carrying out sustainable land use projects, advocacy for river-friendly policy, and programs for community benefit.

The LA River Corp sought to implement an urban greening plan and community farm initiatives in the LA River catchment area to enhance community health and promote additional economic development along the LA River.

As part of the Urban Greening initiative, PFAL was engaged to provide financial and economic advice to the LA River Corp to help best maximize revenue, generation opportunities and to leverage scarce funds with real estate sales and PPP opportunities. Our team was responsible for considering the best possible phasing of different real estate development opportunities and for considering the financial plans of different business alternatives that are available for implementation in the river catchment area.