C-470 TIFIA Financial Advisor

The C-470 Express Lanes project is intended to add express lanes to the existing, free general-purpose lanes on a portion of the C-470 highway near Denver. The project will extend Colorado’s express lanes network to provide drivers with a choice of using the free existing lanes or paying a toll to use the express lanes.

Express lanes increase roadway capacity and help to manage congestion on highways. The use of toll pricing during peak travel times reduces delays, manages congestion and maintains reliable travel times. Express lanes are currently open on I-25 between downtown Denver and 120th Avenue, US 36 between Denver and Boulder, and on I-70 between Idaho Springs and Empire.

PFAL was the appointed financial advisor to the USDOT’s TIFIA credit program for the C-470 Express Lanes Project in Colorado. As advisor to the TIFIA lender, PFAL was responsible for evaluating the creditworthiness and loan application for financing the expansion of a highly congested state highway system, including review of traffic and revenue risks, construction risks, financial structure risks up to and including credit negotiations. The work includes analyzing the reasonableness of traffic and revenue forecasts, likelihood of loan repayment, and assistance in negotiating loan documentation for the benefit of our client.