• presidio_parkway_pic

    Presidio Parkway San Francisco, CA

    The Presidio Parkway is the south access to the Golden Gate Bridge and it serves as the new multi-modal access to the Presidio of San Francisco, which is the largest urban component of the National Park System in the US, welcoming over 5 million visitors a year.

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  • capital_beltway

    Capital Beltway Virginia, USA

    The Capital Beltway High Occupancy Toll Lanes in Virginia is a unique project that involved the design, construction, financing and operation of new managed lanes and interchanges on the existing I-495 in Virginia near Washington DC.

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  • eurasia_tunnel

    Eurasia Tunnel Istanbul, Turkey

    While with WestLB, Victoria Taylor acted as the Documentation Agent, representing the commercial lenders in the structuring and negotiation of the project’s financial structure.

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  • durham_county_courthouse

    Durham Region Courthouse Ontario, Canada

    In 2008, The Province of Ontario procured the design, construction, financing, and long-term operation of a new 440,000 ft², 33-room courthouse.

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  • north_tarrant_expressway

    North Tarrant Expressway Fort Worth, TX

    While with DEPFA Bank, Victoria Taylor led the financial advisory team to OHL Infrastructure Inc. in its bid to design, build, finance, and operate the North Tarrant Express, a greenfield toll road in North Tarrant, Texas.

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  • moto_motorway_services

    Moto Motorway Services UK, Europe

    Moto Motorway Services owns, leases, and operates a number of existing motorway service businesses along the UK highway network.

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  • high_speed_1

    High Speed 1 London and Kent, UK

    High Speed 1 (HS1), officially known as the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL), is a 67 mile high-speed railway that runs between London and the beginning of the Channel Tunnel in the UK.

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  • nimes_montpellier_hsr

    Nimes-Montpellier HSR France

    The Contournement Nîmes Montpellier (CNM) High Speed Link, France is the third high speed link project procured under a PPP scheme in France.

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  • south_bay_expressway

    South Bay Expressway San Diego, USA

    The SBX Project was the first PPP in California, developed pursuant to California’s AB 680 legislation passed in 1989. The project was restructured via bankruptcy when the combination of protracted litigation between the borrower and contractor and the economic downturn made the project’s costs and revenue streams unsustainable.

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  • pocahontas_parkway

    Pocahontas Parkway Richmond, VA

    The Pocahontas Parkway (Route 895, near Richmond, Virginia) is an existing highway that was acquired by a private company under a 99 year concession.

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  • surrey_hospital

    Surrey Hospital Surrey, British Columbia

    In 2007, The Fraser Health Authority in Surrey, British Columbia, procured the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of a new 150,000 ft2 outpatient facility under a 30 year concession agreement with a special purpose private company.

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  • polaris_foundation

    Polaris Climate Change Observatory Cape Town, South Africa

    The International Polar Foundation was founded by scientific explorers and is sponsored by the Belgium and Monaco royal families.

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  • montreal_gateway_container_terminal

    Montreal Gateway Terminal Montreal, Canada

    Montreal Gateway Terminals consists of two container terminals situated on the west bank of the St. Lawrence River in the Port of Montreal. The terminals are operated under a 20-year agreement with Montreal Port Authority.

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  • plum_point_power_station

    Plum Point Power Station Osceola, AR

    This new coal-fired 665mw power plant in Osceola, Arkansas was built using private bank loans and equity on a project finance basis.

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