PFAL and CH2M Hill appointed to advise the Ohio Department of Transportation Office of Innovative Delivery

The Division of Innovative Delivery has been created to develop and implement ODOT’s Public Private Partnership policy and program. The Division of Innovative Delivery will evaluate potential projects for PPP feasibility and assist in the evaluation and development of procurement options for a project. Through the use of PPP, ODOT intends to facilitate timely delivery of large scale projects that are consistent with state, regional and local transportation plans. The mission of the Innovative Delivery Division is to develop new and innovative approaches to managing, maintaining, operating, and building our infrastructure assets to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and generate revenue.

Together with CH2M Hill, PFAL was selected as one of two financial advisors for the statewide evaluation of specific projects and opportunities for implementing P3s in Ohio. This work is anticipated to include developing documents for use in requesting proposals from the private sector and evaluating submitted proposals. Additionally, PFAL will assist the Department in developing contract documents to implement P3 agreements.

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