TIFIA Program Financial Advisor - Various

PFAL has been appointed to the pool of financial advisors to the US Department of Transportation’s TIFIA transportation finance program.

The Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) program provides Federal credit assistance in the form of direct loans, loan guarantees, and standby lines of credit to finance surface transportation projects of national and regional significance. TIFIA credit assistance provides improved access to capital markets, flexible repayment terms, and potentially more favorable interest rates than can be found in private capital markets for similar instruments. TIFIA helps advance qualified, large-scale projects that otherwise might be delayed or deferred because of size, complexity, or uncertainty over the timing of revenues. Many surface transportation projects – highway, transit, railroad, intermodal freight, and port access – are eligible for assistance. Each dollar of Federal funds can provide up to $10 in TIFIA credit assistance – and leverage $30 in transportation infrastructure investment.

  • Type: infrastructure ppp
  • Year Completed: ongoing
  • contract duration: 2013-2018
  • Transaction Size: various

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